The Dreaded Ice Cream Man

The ice cream man–a symbol of summer, childhood, hot days, and the best of neighborhoods. So why is it that Terrace Park has never allowed the ice cream man into the loose boundaries surrounding this child infested village?

Well there really isn’t a totally good answer, but I can tell you my opinion.

The ice cream man is someone every kid looks forward to seeing out on a hot July day when the road is boiling under your feet. But sadly for the kids of Terrace Park, overly protective mothers and a suspicious police force have banned and discouraged any ice cream men from entering the town. A few would still sneak through back in the day just to make a couple extra bucks off the numerous kids attracted to ice cream like moths to light.

So, Mr. Jay Gohman, how about letting the adolescents of your town live a little? Terrace Park is a safe enough neighborhood with enough people outside and aware that one ice cream man isn’t going to cause problems.