The School System

Terrace Park nowadays is a K-6 elementary school that is available as an option to those who live in Terrace Park, Plainville, and even William’s Meadow. Terrace Park though was not always just an elementary school, oh no, it was much, much more.

When the original building was constructed in the year 1913, it was a K-12 school, which of course included the historical Terrace Park High School. TPHS was open to all people living in and around Terrace Park, who were the appropriate ages of course. This high school had everything you’d see in modern high schools such as an auditorium, sports teams, extracurriculars, and the one thing that always defines Terrace Park: community.

After 44 years of existence, Terrace Park High School seized to exist in the year 1957 when Terrace Park decided to join the Mariemont City School District where it still remains today. It is one of two feeders into Mariemont Junior High and then Mariemont High School from the district. The other  schools being only Mariemont Elementary School after Fairfax Elementary was torn down and recreated as the new junior high building.

Terrace Park has changed quite a bit in the past few years, and the entire district has as well. On May 4, 2010, a levee was passed to remodel all the schools, except for the high school which had already been redone, to make the learning environment better for the students. The plan, which was at last finalized in 2011 just before the demolition of the old elementary school began, came out to cost $12.5 MILLION just for the destruction and rebuilding  of Terrace Park Elementary.

Once the reconstruction of the school was underway, all the students in the school were moved onto the back lawn and put into temporary “modulars” until the school was to be finished for the 2012-2013 school year.

Finally, after spending the entire 2011-2012 school year confined in the modulars, the school was set to be opened and ready for the next coming year. Now, the students at Terrace Park have a new school building with more room, modernized classrooms, and more efficient energy conservation that will hopefully save the district money over time.


TP Drawing Back

No one seems like they can truly “escape” from the many great things that Terrace Park has to offer. Safety, community, courtesy, care for one another, and love are only a few great things about this place. That is what draws so many happily married couples back to this community like moths to a lantern.

Of course those of you who live in Terrace Park as young adolescents are thinking “there is no way in H-E double hockey sticks I’m ever moving back to Ohio, I’m going to college as far away as possible and never turning back.” This sudden burst of wanting to never return is only because of the great things the community provides parents.

Think about it, where else can you let your kids roam around everyday of summer and just expect them to come home to engulf whatever you’ve whipped up for dinner?

It’s not just the safety though that makes TP a parental unit’s and/or legal guardian’s paradise. Having your children grow up in such a welcoming community can teach them what it really means to be accepted and wanted by every person around.

Things are not always fun and games though if you’re a teenager. You are encumbered with responsibility, and anything you mess up on is known by the entire community within 2 hours of the incident’s occurrence. So it’s no wonder every cognizant teen in the TP area wants to GTHO (get the heck out) ASAP (as soon as possible).

Later though, as it happens with every generation while they’re away at college, they have this sort of epiphany where they realize how special Terrace Park is, and what it means to them.

I’ve seen it with my mother, her mother, and her mother before that. Not to mention the countless names and faces we see throughout the high school who’ve come back. All in all Terrace Park has so many great qualities, and although not every teenage hooligan might realize it now, one day they will see what makes TP one of a kind.