The History of the Terrace Park Bubble

Living in a small community sure has some major benefits. There are plenty of things to do while also having a safe environment for children and those who call themselves “young adults”. Whether it’s knowing everyone in the neighborhood or being able to walk everywhere you go, Terrace Park is a high quality town in many regards.

One thing though that does derive from such a small town atmosphere as this one is a sense of not just safety, but also containment. The “Terrace Park Bubble” has evolved over time, but since the beginning it has had both a positive and negative effect on its inhabitants.

This is not a literal bubble as some of you may suppose, but metaphorically speaking it does have the same sort of effect. Regular information can flow in and out freely, but anything can also be covered up.

The parents of the children who freely roam the streets of Terrace Park make up most of the side who’d say this is a positive thing. They get to keep their innocent little ones from the horrors of the outside world. Keeping their kids’ minds pure and functioning are the two goals of parents around Terrace Park.

But with an upside, it only makes sense for there to be a downside. Kids who are about age ten and below don’t really look out for themselves or want to get away. I myself was once a “mamma’s boy,” but the day did come when I needed to step off of that nest, spread my wings and hopefully fly. The pubescent stages of a young boy’s life are a time of many big changes, including thinking they are completely independent and are ready to be on their own.

Well let me be the first to tell you, they’re wrong. The thing is that a mother, if she had a choice, would keep you cooped up in the quiet and safety of your room way past your teenage years. This isn’t a good thing either, so the happy medium seems to be knowing a little bit about the world and how it works before you get as far away as you possibly can for college.

Kids around the Park don’t really know much of the outside world. Words like “crime,” “theft,” and “robbery” aren’t commonly used considering the extremely low rates of every imaginable crime. Crime in Terrace Park riles up everyone in the town, and they go door to door with their pitchforks and torches trying to find and capture the perpetrator. Okay, maybe it isn’t that big of a deal, but it’s still practically unheard of.

The “Terrace Park Bubble” seems to end up doing more good than it does bad, which makes this small suburban town even more of an attractive and safe place for people of all ages.