The Terrace Park Historical Society

The Terrace Park Historical Society, founded on September 14, 2001, is an important part of the village as a whole. This society’s main goal is to educate both children and adults on the subjects of the history and preservation of Terrace Park. All in efforts to help people, in and around the village, understand and appreciate the rich history of the area.

But how did this group come to be?home-tours-2012

On the night of November 15, 2001, in the St. Thomas Church, the first meeting of what is now known as the Terrace Park Historical Society took place. This gathering consisted of the forty-eight founders, eager to make a big difference in their little community. The original Board of Trustees that was established that night was as follows: Carol Cole, president; Betsy Holloway, vice president; Kay Pope, secretary; Bill Holloway, treasurer.

The Society has many archives consisting of documents and artifacts prevalent to the village itself. These documents are important to keeping the history of Terrace Park in one place as well as making it easy to relay this information to the many members of this historical group. Not only does the Historical Society save its own history, but it also encourages everyone around the community to write and share their own memories of the village. Whether it’s memories of adults or children, the Society continues to gather diverse perspectives of the town that encompasses them all.

The Historical Society is made up of approximately 250 people, but that number continues to grow as it has over the past 11 years. It is a non profit organization that receives many generous donations from its members. This society publishes a quarterly newspaper, as well as hosting four meeting every year.

They are not only about keeping important documents that relate to the village, but they also want to preserve all of the historic buildings around the neighborhood. These historic buildings, some of which date back to the early 19th century, are extremely important to the society. So because of this rich history, the Historical Society has set up laws, along with Cincinnati, that disallow the destruction of these village landmarks.

The Terrace Park Historical Society continues to achieve its goal every day, and no matter what, always keeps the deep history of the village safe.


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