What is Terrace Park

Terrace Park is a small suburban village located in Hamilton County, OH. According to the 2010 census, Terrace Park’s population totaled 2,251 people. Of these 2,251 people, there are 615 families and a total of 758 households.

The village takes up a total of 1.22 square miles, 1.17 square miles of which is land. Terrace Park Elementary, the town’s K-6 elementary school, feeds into the Mariemont City School District.

But this place is more than just a village, it is a community brought together by every individual looking out for his or her neighbor. It is about keeping each other, as well as the community, safe.

Not many other places can say this about their town. So how did this loving and caring community come to be?

In the month of January 1789, Abraham Covalt established Covalt Station in the area now known as Terrace Park, OH. Covalt Station was a small fortified settlement that was surrounded by various Shawnee settlements, and the Shawnee were very hostile to the white settlers who were claiming their land.

Finally in 1792, they ran the white settlers out of Covalt Station due to the continuous attacks by the Shawnee on the fort. It wasn’t until after General “Mad Anthony” Wayne defeated the Shawnee and a treaty was made that the white settlers were able to return to the area.

Upon their return to Southwest Ohio, which was now part of the United States, the settlers became subsistence farmers, raising both cattle and chickens in order to feed the family.

As time went on, and more roads and railroads were established, Terrace Park began to expand due to its new found easy access routes. The community then began to slowly move away from an agriculture based economy into a more industrialized way of life. As the Native Americans became a distant memory, so did farming.

Finally, after the evolution of this former “Covalt Station”, Terrace Park is what it is today.


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